Monday, August 15, 2011

BERRY Delicious... The Easiest Pie I've EVER made!

I think I've mentioned before that my husband LOVES fruity desserts. This pie is FULL of fruit!!  I make this pie often for that very reason (and the fact that it is so easy).  If he could, my husband would sit down and eat an entire pie - yep, he loves it THAT much.  If you like berries - this recipe is for you - you'll love this pie!


1 pre-made refrigerated pie crust
2 packages of frozen mixed berries
4 tbsp of cornstarch
1 cup of sugar


Preheat your oven to 450 degrees.  Roll out your pre-made pie crust into a pie plate.  Tuck any extra dough at the edges under and press the edges of your pie shell with a fork or use your fingers to flute the edges.  Bake for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.  Allow to cool completely. 

Mix the sugar and the cornstarch together in a small bowl.  Mix well and set aside. 

In a sauce pan heat one package of the frozen berries over medium-high heat.  As the berries start to thaw, "mush" (love that word) them with a fork so that you have mostly berry skins and juice (uh, yummy!).  When you have "mushed" all of the berries and they are bubbling add the sugar/cornstarch mixture.  Mix well.  Remove from heat and add the second package of frozen berries as they are.  Mix the berries well (no mushing this time).  Add your berry mixture to the baked (and cooled) pie shell.  Refrigerate for several hours to allow the berry mixture to thicken.  Serve with whipped cream.  Easy, cheap, delicious. 

**For my calorie counting friends, reduce the sugar in this recipe to 1/2 a cup (still tastes great and you've saved a lot of cals!)**  I do plan to have calorie counts up for my recipes soon... so stay tuned.  =)

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